Zetes' People ID business model is based on 'Build, Operate & Transfer' (BOT) and 'Build & Transfer' (BT) contracts. 

BOT is the model of choice for government contracts for the issuance of identity and travel documents. This model has been validated over many years, with the long-term cooperation between customer states and Zetes strengthening the security and robustness of each solution.

BT is the usual business model for large scale identification programmes that need to be run over a short period of time, such as voters enrolment schemes.

Build & Transfer (BT)

In a B&T scenario, public authorities pay Zetes for the execution of a project in a short period of time

BT scenario

Build, operate & transfer (BOT) model

BO(T) is one of the key business models implemented by Zetes in government projects

BOT scenario

At the heart of the population register

Challenge, analysis, and approach. 44 pages

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