In a B&T scenario, public authorities pay Zetes for the execution of a project in a short period of time, usually a few months. This type of contracts is very common for biometric registration of citizens in the frame of an election, as well as the enrolment of militaries and/or civil servants.

In this model, Zetes delivers:

  • Project management
  • Hardware and software components
  • Training of operators
  • Training of technicians
  • Deployment
  • Support and services

The government is usually in charge of the operations on-site and the remuneration of the operators.

Compared with the Build & Operate, this model requires an up-front investment from the authorities, as the enrolment, data deduplication and/or the voter ID cards are usually free for the registered people. 



At the heart of the population register

Challenge, analysis, and approach. 44 pages

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