Border controls

In addition to extremely secure travel documents (passports, visas, eID, etc.), today's border management systems must be based on the latest technological developments. For maximum automation and smooth flow of entries and exits into and out of the country, the Zetes solution incorporates a pre-enrolment platform, workstations, eGates, biometrics (facial recognition and fingerprints), kiosks, etc. All of these methods help to speed up and strengthen the security of border checkpoints. Moreover, because Zetes belongs to the Panasonic group, it has access to all the innovative capabilities of this Japanese company, especially in the field of facial recognition for the biometrics control. Panasonic's software package, based on deep learning, is one of the most powerful tools on the market. It has very high recognition rates, even when faces are partially obscured.

Efficient automatic border controls also require total interconnectivity with a variety of regional, national, and international databases. Our solutions offer a clever combination of cutting-edge technology with the ability to integrate extremely advanced systems, allowing governments to give travellers a smooth border-crossing experience alongside strengthened identity checking capabilities.

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