An Automated Biometric Identification System – ABIS - is the essential tool to ensure a unique identity of persons and prevent identity fraud whether this involves citizens, voters, civil servants, military personnel or any other group. An efficiently running ABIS is the corner stone of a well-executed authentication project. Zetes has, to this day, successfully implemented around 20 ABIS projects.

The main characteristics of the Zetes ABIS solution are:

  • Multimodal Biometrics

    • Fingerprints

    • Face

    • Iris

  • Field Proven in large scale projects

  • Fully flexible, adjustable according to project needs

    • Automatic and workflow driven

    • Supports all the relevant standard formats for images and templates

    • Fully configurable accuracy and speed settings

    • Scalable system configuration to meet the required speed and quality performances

    • 1:N matching without pre-filtering

    • Includes tool sets and SDK's for analysis, format conversion, feature extraction, interfacing, etc.

  • Compliance with international standards: The Zetes ABIS system complies with the standards NIST ITL- 1 2007 (Interface), ISO 1974-4 (Templates), ANSI/INCITS 378 and has undergone NIST assessments: MINEX, IREX, PFT, FpVTE, etc.

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