A full range of services and solutions to monitor your events, contacts and visitors

  • Online registration, payment and production of tickets
  • Secure and error-free access control
  • Ongoing tracking and profiling of visitors
  • Real time database management and consultation
  • Instantaneous analysis and use of information and results

ZETES FasTrace provides the following for you:

  • The full and rapid registration of your contacts and visitors
  • Online payment services and ticketing
  • Confirmation services and the issuing of badges, wristbands and tickets, also online
  • Real time, reliable and secure access control
  • Support and infrastructure services (terminals, wireless communication, etc.) for organisers and participants
  • Value added services for intelligent sponsoring
  • Database services authorising the ongoing management and monitoring of your contacts and visitors, before, during and after the event
  • Hardware renting

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At the heart of the population register

Challenge, analysis, and approach. 44 pages

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